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{July 27, 2009}   Reflection 2

I find it both easy and hard to put myself in other people shoes.  The reason why is because of the situation might be.   It could be something small.  It could be something big. You will never know.

For example, One of  your girlfriend could tell you something that had happen with her husband the previous night. Now even though you was not there to witness the incident.  Nor did it happen to you. You can feel the pain or joy that occur. Because it might be something that may have happen to you in the past. Or it could be something that you may want to happen to you.

Another example, now think of someone telling you something and you are just sitting there with a dumb look on your face. The reason why is because even though you might feel sorry for that person. You do not understand how she could put herself in that predicament. And the whole time you are thinking to yourself. I could never see myself in her shoes.

Some people believe that they can put themselves in other people shoes. In court, a jury is asked to put themselves in the defendant shoes in order to see how that person may or may not have committed that crime that they are accused of. Now you have to ask yourself. How can a jury put themselves in someone else shoes. That may be hard, but that is what is asked of them.

When thinking about putting your self in other people shoes. You have to consider what the problem is. Or what is going on. A lot of people say they can not do it, but if they really think about it. They are putting themselves in other people shoes on a daily basic. And they do not even know that they are. But if they just sit down and think about it. They did put themselves in someone else shoes.

{July 13, 2009}   Weblog 4

Evolution as Fact and Theory

First I want to say that I am not a science major and I have never heard of any of  these scientist. So it was really hard for me to write this blog. I had to do a lot of research.

I chose Stephen Jay Gould to write about. And I am going to talk about the views on the morality of abortion in the religion theory and the science theory.

In the religion theory they claim that the embryos are people with rights. And a women should be forced to have the babies. The fundamentalist Protestant Christians or devout Roman Catholics who follow the Pope wish to impose their private religious beliefs about abortion on the rest of us by law. If they do that, they are basically denying and violating everyone’s freedom of religion. Even though the Bible and religious doctrines are being used to justify anti-abortionism and the oppression of women. The Bible is pro-choice, and others religious interpretation strongly support women’s freedom to decide. To be able to claim abortion is murder, anti-choicer must show that the fetus is a human being and deserve protection.

Now the science theory is a little more complex. It first ask the biggest question of all. What is life? The evolution say, “From time life begins until it evolves into more complex species, but science has yet been able to touch one”. Scientist believes the point at which life begins is when some of the amino acids are floating around in  some pools. But it is the become life that scientist are having a hard time explaining. The Evolutionists are out to disprove or ignore any possibility that God exist and would often skip that point. When asked some scientist would say science will figure it out eventually, but many scientist are more objective. And will often admit that it is a weak point of the evolutionary theory.

According to science, life begins at conception. You have people that are pro-life and you have people that are pro-choice. But in the end they all believe the same thing. A women’s right to choose somehow suprecedes the human baby’s right to life. It is said that the fetus grows and develop from the time of conception. They use energy and their cells are organized into some kind of order.  They say that it response to their environment. They have as much ability to adapt on any evolutionary scale. Truth is they are a product of the evolution.

It is said that when Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, he chose life to be first in the string of rights. Follow by liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The end  Gould theory does not change with religion or science. They both believe the same thing and that is life begins at beginning of conception. People will always have different opinions, but it will always be the same. No matter how you look at it.  No matter how many theories or studies that they will do.

{July 6, 2009}   Weblog 3

Every morning my friend and I will go to Mt. Trashmore and walk.  And after we walk we will stand by our cars and talk for a little while.  Just to get our self together and our breathing back to normal.  And maybe even watch a couple of people walk pass.  We were amazed at how many times some people will go around the mountain.  This particular morning my friend was not able to go.  So I went by myself.  I followed the routine that we normally would do together.  The only difference was, instead of me going back to my car.  I sat on one of the benches that is out there.  I watch the people walk, run or even rode their bike pass me.

On this day I was sitting there watching the different people that would come to the park.  Some are young and some are old.  Most are with a group, but many are alone.

The individual that was alone was either talking to someone on the phone.  Or listening to their music.  Some was just content in either walking or running. They seem happy with not doing anything at all.  These individual will walk or run pass some one.  And will only say something if it was necessary.  Other wise, they was just fine with not even speaking to anyone.

The group of people varies.  Some groups might have four or more.  While others would only have two.  But they all was doing the same thing.  And that was talking.  Probably about something that might have occur the day before.  Or even over the weekend.  Or even what had happen before that got there.  Most of the time they was laughing.  Maybe because someone had said something funny.  I did not see anyone arguing nor fussing.

While I was sitting there watching the people walk pass me.  Some of them would either speak or nod their heads.  Some will just look at me and not say a word.  While others would just ignore me all together.  A lot of them are these for one reason.  And that is to get their exercise on.  They are not there to have a conversation with you or anyone else for that matter.  Then their are the ones who loves to talk.  Every time they walk pas you.  They are talking or laughing about something someone had said.

While observing I notice that the ones that was by themselves usually would not speak to anyone. That is because they are preoccupy by something.  Usually their music or phone.  And the ones in the group are speaking because they are also observing what is going on around them.  That way when they run out of things to talk about.  They could talk  about what they just saw.

Overall my impression on people walking was what I had predicted it would be. That is just how human nature is.  Some people love to talk.  While others are more into being by themselves.  Trying to enjoy the peace that they are looking for.

{June 29, 2009}   Reflection

I remember a time when I was a little girl and was outside playing by myself and had got some glass in my eyes.  What had happen was I was at the park playing and the wind started blowing really hard. I tried to cover my eyes, but something had already blew in it.  Here I am, all by myself and could not see anything.  In order for me to get home.  I had to pretend to be blind and remember my way home. And I did it all by myself.  When I got home my mom saw that I could not open my eyes. She asked me what had happen.  I told her some glass had gotten in my eyes.  Of course she did not believe me.  She even asked me how did I know. I told her, I could feel something cutting me. So she had to take me to the hosiptal.  Once there the doctors flushed my eyes out.  Afterwards  he showed my parents the small fragments of glass.  The doctor then told my parents that I was very lucky girl.  He said if  they had not had brought me in I could have messed up my eyes.

I remember a time when I was a little girl and was outside playing by myself and had got some glass in my eyes.  What had happen was I was at the park playing and the wind started blowing really hard.  I tried to cover my eyes, but something had already blew in it.  Here I am, all by myself and could not see anything. I started crying and a nice lady heard me.  She asked me where I live and took me home.  When my mom saw this stranger bring me home she knew something was not right. The lady tried to tell my mom what was wrong, but she really did not know her self.  So my mom asked me what had happened.  I told her some glass had gotten in my eyes.  Of course she did not believe me.  She even asked how did I know.  I told her, I could feel something cutting me.  So she had to take me to the hosiptal.  Once there the doctors flushed my eyes out.  Afterwards he showed my parents the small fragments of glass.  The doctor then told my parents that I was a lucky little girl.  He said if they had not brought me in and tried to do it their selves.  They could have damage my eyes and I would have had a lot of problems with my eye sight.

My first experience that I can remember was when I was in elementary school.  I was a very quiet and shy little girl.  As I got older I still was a shy girl but I was not as quiet as before.  I grew up in Norfolk, but when I started high school my parents move use to Virginia Beach.  Back then 9th was still in middle school so that meant I had to go back after being high school for a couple months.  Which I was not please about.  As a young child I learn that I like Math so every day I went to math I would pay attention to my teacher.

One incident that I remember was one day the Principal called me down to his office.  I knew I had not done anything wrong so I was a little surprise when he started talking to me about my grades.  At the time I was failing Geometry,  World History, and English due to illness. Well Mr. Morgan said that when he was going over my grades he notice that up til I had got sick I had two A’s, one B, one C and three E’s.  After I explain ti him bout my problems.  Mr. Morgan stated that he could help me pull up my grades so that I could graduate with my class. (That is how my Principal was. He care about all of his students).  So we sat down and made a plan.  The plan was for me to get out of Geometry and get into Basic Geometry.  I was then given a tutor who help me bring my World History grade up.  Then there was English teacher.  Now do not get me wrong she was a nice teacher, but I was the one who had to go to her and ask how I could pull my grade back up.  All the teachers decided that when I took my exams and made no less than a B they would pass me with at least a C.  Well I graduated with my class so that should tell how hard I work in less than three months.

The classes I took through my high school year was Teen Living is what it is called today.  I took a typing class and I had two math classes.  One was called Consumer Math which is the basic math you need to run own business.  The other one was Geometry.  Now my Consumer Math I love but the other one was giving me problems.  Could have been the teacher.  I was having problems because I was missing a lot of days and he did not want to hear it.  I ended up passing both once I was switch out his class.  Consumer Math I got a A and Basic Geometry I got a C.

Some of my teachers was a lot of fun and always had me laughing.  While others could really work my nerves.  Now some of my classmates were cool and other ones I felt like choking them.  Everytime I would see these girls I would get upset.  I jsut wanted them to leave me alone, but you know they did not.

My education was excellent.  I had wonderful teachers who care about there students. That is why i decided to become a teacher.  My goal is to give the babies a head start.  That way when they get to public school they will know their ABC’s, colors, numbers, shapes, and also be able to get a chance to be around other children their age.

{June 8, 2009}   Weblog 1

When I was a little girl I would go over my grandmother house very summer and spend the night.  Well one night all of my cousin was bored because my grandmother did not have cable and there was nothing on television and it was dark outside so we could not go play.  So one of my aunts decided to tell us all a story. It was suppose to have been a true story. Til this day I do not know if it is or not.   The name of the story is called the Graveyard Man.

Once upon a time there was a bunch of kids who live by the graveyard.  Back in those days the children did not have anywhere to play.  They also did not have anything to play with.  So they use to play in the graveyard.  Now even though they did not have anything to play with they could always find things in the yard to pretend it was something other than what it was.

Well one day they was going outside to play, but it was getting dark outside and one of the kids mother told him not ot be in the graveyard when it gets dark because there was a man jumping out of the graves trying to pull kids in.  She also said that she heard another story where they said the man will just chase the kids; with both story the children was never seen again.  Well the kids said that it was not true and that she was just saying it to scare them and make sure they come home on time.  Well the kids went and play, but they came back before it got really dark outside.  They was sitting on the porch bored with nothing to do so one of the boys said lets go back to the graveyard.  The other kids asked why and the boy said he wanted to see if his friend mother was telling the truth.  So they all started walking back to the graveyard, but as they got closer both of the girls that had went got scared and ran back home so the boys continue on there way.  Once they gotto the entrance the boy whose mother told them about the man stop.  The other boy said, “Are you coming?”,  and the boy just shock his head no.  So the boy kept walking in the graveyard.  His friend wait for him outside the fence then all of a sudden  he heard his friend scream. The boy got so scared he started crying and yelling his friend name.  After awhile he got really quiet to see if he could hear or see his friend, but it was too dark to see anything.  So the boy went home because he did not want to get in trouble.  Plus he thought his friend was trying to scare him and he was not no PUNK.

The next day the girls came over to the boy house and asked what happpen because his friends mother came over looking for him.  The boy told the girls what had happen that night, but he still thought his friend playing games with him.

Til this day the boy was never seen nor heard from ever again.  Did the man in the graveyard snatch him back in the grave or did he run away from home.  Nobody will ever know.

{June 1, 2009}   Weblog 1

Hi my name is Tiffany and I am a teacher assistant at Head Start. I have three children.  All boys ages 16; 14;10. I hope to be graduating this winter with my associate degree in Early Childhood.

{June 1, 2009}   Hello world!

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